about Philipp

Philipp Dörr is an independent comic artist from Germany and the founder of 'Philipp Doerr Art & Agency' (PDAA). He works with various publishers, creates characters and attends with artists of PDAA and other independent artists on  conventions worldwide.


He is officially sponsered by TK ARMOUR UK and creates customized "Stormtrooper cosplay designs"


2016 he received the permission from adidas® AG to present his creation of a stormtrooper with their famous three stripes trademark on Star Wars® comic books.


Lately, he worked on joint projects with Aaron Lopresti and Sana Takeda .


After merging with 'What's Up Jonny' he created a mandalorian bountyhunter shirt, which was presented by Jeremy Bulloch (Actor of Boba Fett) at Comic Con Austria 2017.